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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Randy Paul

Chesty Puller,

You're bein' a mite ornery there pardner, accusin' us of slappin' people with ad hominems. That Michelle Malkin may be a purty filly, but she sure did defend incarceratin' them thar Japanese-AMERICANS during WWII and her argument was ripped apart like a couple of hungry coyotes eatin' a maverick that strayed too fur from its mama by Eric Muller and Greg Robinson, a couple of them thar educated law purfessors.

Y'all can read about it here:


As for them ad hominems, y'all might want to consider healin' y'allself, y'hear?

Consider this:

"The rest of you yardbirds can whoop it up now, how many of you will craw-dad when Ronnie blows it? And Ronnie will blow it, he allus does."

Makes one wonder why them folks keep reelectin' him. Y'all might want to avoid speakin' in absolutes like allus. Jus' makes you look like a polecat whose stink done gone away.

Jim Russell

Tom Delay is just the tip of the iceberg in campaign finance abuses. If it takes partisan politics, and I am not saying this DA from Texas motive was all political cause I don't know( and I don't care), to get these political process abusers from both sides before a Judge, I like it.

The Lawyers at FEC you and I pay high salaries to are useless. They have done nothing to enforce the laws against corruption of democracy by dollars, and there were plenty of abuses on both side in the last Presidential Election campaign. They have ZERO indictments, much less convictions, as far as I know.

A Grand Jury made up of ordinary citizens like you and I say the DA
has cause to proceed to trial. Let's have the damn trial of one of the Royalty from Rome before a Jury of those they purport to represent, for ONCE!

Let's just hope to hell it doesn't stop with the Republican, Delay.


Say what you will about him, Delay is an absolute political genius. No one understands his base any better and how to tap into their deepest resentments and insecurities. Excellent case in point- back during the 90's after having lambasted Clinton for not going to Vietnam, he himself was asked how he had managed to avoid military service. The answer was pure brillance. To paraphrase, he stated he had been desperate to join the fight, but as bad luck would have it, the very day he went down to his local recruiter to enlist they were only accepting minorities. Turned away, it was the same old story- minorities coddled as usual, while a true patriot's once in a lifetime chance at heroism was denied.

A patently false explaination, but again, one must consider the crowd Delay plays to. Feeling emasculated by "the minorities" themselves, and their cheerleading war "sacrifice" not honored as heroism by those who would question military adventureism, Delay knows firsthand how to play on those emotions like a concertomeister.

Tom DeLay is DeWorst and DeSkankiest

DeLay is another example of the proto-fascism and barely concealed nazism of the Republinazi Party. He should be put in a camp for un-reformed assholes and reamed out daily by unreformed Hells Angels.

BillFristIzza FilthyLiar

Bill Frist=filthy liar
Karl Rove = filthy liar
Condoleeza "BJ" Rice = filthy liar
Chaney = filthy liar
George W = filthy liar and idiot (aka "SmirkJerk")

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I remember when the Clinton impeachment was fired up, there were strong but unattributed rumors that DeLay was threatening the 20 or 25 Republicans not lined up for impeachment with the promise that he and the religious right would run their candidates against each of them in the Republican primaries if they didn't vote to impeach. My congressman, Repub Brian Bilbray, switched his position within the next couple of weeks and denounced Clinton. I wrote him a couple of letters, including some fairly tightly-drafted questions about his contacts with DeLay, their discussions, etc.

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