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Friday, September 30, 2005



The right's message on killing the IFC project couldn't be clearer: ``You'll take our moral blank check away when you pry it away from our bloody, shaking fist.''

Freddy the Pig

"Dude, this is totally wrong. Bin Laden's specific and immediate goal with the attacks was to drive US troops out of Saudi Arabia-- because they were comprised of Jewish and Christian infidels, and worst still, women."

Right after 9/11, I read something in Slate that I think is still not appreciated. The architect who did the WTC also did a lot of work in Saudi Arabia. He borrowed Islamic motifs for the WTC. And who built those buildings in Saudi? Binladen Construction. In other words, Osama saw the WTC as profaning his faith (being all filled with Jews, women, people making money off interest, etc.)-- and he was blowing up something indirectly associated with his own family. A big FU to Dad, in other other words.

My point? That HIS evil point was something pretty specific, and we lose it when we either say it was about freedom-- or it wasn't. Both are too broad to be right.

Anyway, I think it's just as well that the Freedom Thingy didn't happen, just because I dislike that kind of predigested state of the art committee-driven 21st century museum pap in these kinds of settings, and the very fact of the controversy it inevitably engendered proved it would never amount to anything more. I'll take Gettysburg without the animatronic Johnny Rebs, thank you. Rows of headstones, a clear sunny day and a Bruce Catton book do it for me.

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