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Tuesday, May 04, 2004



My daughter, who lives in St. Louis, had the good luck to attend a "happy birthday" concert for Chuck Berry a couple of years ago. Chuck played a long set, as did Little Richard. (Now THERE's a show for you!) According to the daughter, several big-time Missouri politicos were on the stage, Gephardt among them. The mayor of St. Louis and the governor of Missouri rocked out, but Gephardt just ... sorta stood there, smiling. Woodenly.

I'm guessing Chuck Berry and Little Richard could make even Dick Cheney dance, but apparently not Gephardt.


Edwards is a young pup, no? Might he not sit out a veep slot and save his self for a shot at the Big Chair in '08 or '12? We haven't heard much from Jack Kemp lately.

Marc Cooper

Exellent point Crid. It's all beind me. Once I hear that Kerry is actually considering Gephardt the whole thing becomes inexplicable!


I can see why this might upset you, Marc -- if Kerry picks Gebhardt then the resulting snoozefest will result in fewer people that you can bash and trash for wanting to vote for Kerry. And you've already dismissed the possibility of serious consequences from another 4 years of Bush, so of course you can't make yourself useful by writing something intelligent on that subject.

Rick Heller

I'd like to see Kerry pick someone who can do the sort of "God Talk" that Carter and Clinton were able to do. I think a Northeast secular liberal will have difficulty in the swing states if he picks another secularist.

The Messenger

How can Kerry best strengthen his ticket in his choice of running mate? In an on-line Vice-Presidential Preference Poll at Sozadee CA, Wesley Clark leads John Edwards by 22% going away. Other candidates listed are Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Richardson, Dick Gephardt, Evan Bayh, John McCain and Tom Brokaw. Marc, if you or your readers have a better choice than Clark, vote your Veep and comment at: http://www.sozadee.com/e107/news.php


I'm guessing the floating of Gephardt's name was only as a courtesy to Kerry's peer and friend.

Clark would assure people with his internat'l experience and Cheney may have a tough time playing games with his head in a debate.

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