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Friday, August 13, 2004



I'll be listening....who can kibbitz better than you!

Also waiting for your upcoming Nation article on the border situation.
I respect and admire your views and know that you
have alot to tell us about what you saw and heard.

Michael J. Totten

Totally off topic, sorry.

Marc - Did you get my emails? I'm having a weird problem with email getting sent directly to my spam folder and wondering if that happened to any of yours or if you've just been busy. Actually, I know you've been busy, so if I'm being a nag just get back to me when you can. If your emails are getting sent into oblivion, you can contact me via the comments section on my blog.




Is Marc going to be on Car Talk? That would be worth listening to for sure!


Welche Seiten über das Lügen erkennen kennt Ihr? Ich finde
Lügen erkennen, sehr hilfreich.
Seid der Serie Lie to Me gibt es ja immer mehr Blogs mit diesem Thema
Ich freue mich über jeden Link.

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