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Tuesday, November 02, 2004



9:17 PM, CST, Texas.... Obama's wife gave a great intro speech. Hope he does well for Ill. Keyes would have been a disaster... and that is from a conservative. Bush leading in Fla, a lot of votes, but Miami-Dade and Palm Beach not in and that WILL go heavily for Kerry. He probably won't pull it out in fla. But Marc could be right, it might be next week or two weeks before we know. Hope not, one way or the other.

100 Percent of votes in in Kentucky... Bunning not declaired winner YET... interesting - could it be that close?


Bunning just won in Kentucky 9:30 PM CST.
Bet he was sweating.
Fox decrying the problems with the exit polls. What the heck is going on? Maybe they just have to have SOME controversy.


I'm beginning to lean towards my original prediction, which was Bush by a couple of points in the popular vote, and some unknowable amount in the electoral college, followed by one of the most tragic presidencies in American history. Iraq goes south. The economy goes south. Bush panders to the Taliban wing of the GOP on social issues. I predict widespread civil unrest, and sadly violence.


And if I wasn't clear a second Bush term will be a disaster for the GOP, a disaster for the country, and a disaster for the world.


Democratic Congressman in Florida is saying Bush will Keep florida. Wonder what he knows? I Think I'll wait before crowing. 10:19 CST


Bush took Arizona. No surprise. 10:20 PM
Fox, CNN notes that no state has yet to "change colors."

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