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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Randy Paul

Thanks for the mention Marc. I read Sherman's article and I imagine that Kissinger could probably have taught Pinochet a thing or two.

The Letelier-Moffitt murders, the attempt to murder Bernardo Leighton and the murder of General Prats in my mind show that Pinochet believed not only in domestic terrorism against his own people, but international terrorism designed to intimidate his non-violent opponents.


Marc, I followed your link to Randy's blog. Left a comment. Good Stuff. Thanks Randy, Thanks Mark.

Randy Paul

Thanks for the kind words, GM. Didn't get your comment on my blog, however.


Randy, I don't know what happened. At any rate, I noted that I went there via Marc and that I thought the report and the writing good. Sorry about that


Yeah. The gist of loving Pinochet is the same as supporting monetarily and militarily many, many
brutal dictators like that. They do it because that's their man, and it keeps the population afraid and
docile while USA extracts all the resources.
A few mainstream papers even lightly touched on, after he died, the fact that during reagan (really just
12 years of papa bush) there were more than 300,000 killed in Southern America by the extremely brutal
folks in power that we supported the whole way through. Now your underwear is made in Honduras, El
Salvador, etc., and what's going in Colombia right now is the same. In 2000 we started giving Colombia
$1 billion a year, through clinton, because FARC and normal peasants were tired of the horrible death
squads sponsored by bush/clinton years.
blah, blah, blah. but check www.zmag.org under Colombia to see if there's any recent reports from there.


Yes, it is odd how the anger at Pinochet is not directed toward today's favorite dictators, be they Saudi, Pakistani, Uzbekhi...

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