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Friday, January 21, 2005



ha ha, I recognized you right away.

too many steves

Being a little worried about the "Exposed" thing I went over and read the profile/interview anyway. :)

A good friend, who has many views opposite mine but with whom I share many interests and likes/dislikes, and I have spoken often about how people can be so in agreement on some topics while simultaneously disagreeing about others.

Likewise with you Marc. Blues guitarist has got to be the greatest job in the world. Now only if I could play better...


Yep. Graham Greene is god. (Yet another reason we're friends, Marc. I see it so clearly now.)

BTW, I think you'd make a terrific blues guitarist, spiritually speaking in particular.

Marc Cooper

My fingers are too short.


I do understand. Personally, I think I'd make a fabulous torch singer, were it not for the unfortunate fact that I have a voice like a crow.

Mavis Beacon

Just began my first Graham Green novel, "The Heart of the Matter," two days ago.

Also, didn't realize Reagan expelled you. I suppose I should buy your book.

Rus Steel

"Understand that, in the end, it's all about the simple whims, desires, dreams and foibles of people. Grander projects always rise and fall on that simple basis." --Marc Cooper, 2005

Oh, c'mon! You've been rehearsing that one in your spare time... haven't you!?!


rosedog - don't despair. At least not yet. Billie Holiday really didn't have that great of a voice either, but she was a much more compelling singer than Ella, who had a perfect instrument. But don't get carried away with the possibilities and give up your day job if your voice truly sounds like a crow...unless you can also write songs as original as Hank Williams' or Bob Dylan's.


If you could be a tree, what kind would you be?

In response to info from the interview:
"Marc Cooper got tossed out of the state university system in 1971 by then Governor Ronald Reagan and landed in Chile."
--Wait a minute. There seems to be an unexplained gap here. If you had said landed on Venice City Beach as a part-time fisheman and surfer, then maybe I can see that. But...landed in Chile?

"intellectual heroes? > George Orwell"
--Good choice. As a kid, I read "1984" and literally had nightmares about it over many nights. Who could have known that Orwell would predict the future of this country so well? I still don't like the Patriot Act. I haven't read "Homage to Catalonia" that you mentioned as having a major influence on you. If it's short and doesn't interfere with the Falcons-Eagles game, then I'll try to get it for this weekend.

Other great questions you weren't asked....
Are you a dog or a cat person?
What is your favorite baseball team?
Do you think O.J. is guilty?

Hey, you've had an interesting life. Keep it up.

Tamar Jacobson

"For God's sake, have something really interesting to say. The world's already brimming with people who have nothing to say. No reason to have more of them clutter up the Internet" - Wow! that was a hard one for me to read - being new at this. How do we judge "interesting"? If I was a novice - and I am - I would give it up right there! But I ain't gonna!

Norm's sister!

Marc Cooper

Tamar.. full steam ahead!

Woody: Dogs, Dodgers.. and guilty.

jim hitchcock

Damn, this is getting a little eerie...

Ditto on Venice (early years on Warren Ave., a block down from the Fox theater).

Ditto on Buddy Guy! Ever heard of the Mama's Boy's? My friend Dave Melton (who was kind enough to let me play back in the garage band
days) is among the top three or four blues guitarists in town, and play in Venice often.

The Dodgers. What can I say about my only sports addiction. Constant suffering(though last year was helped a lot!); I just
can't help myself.

Fishing the the end of the pier (at the end, down the stairway to the left). Doesn't get much better than that.

Now, if I'd only have had the talent to have followed in your footsteps...

Marc Cooper

Jim.. do a Google search under my name and the word "Hooked" and you will find a long L.A. Weekly cover story I wrote about 5 years ago on my adventures fishing the end of the Sta Monica pier, down the stairs, to the left. I will try to find the link... ok here it is:


Michael J. Totten

"It ain't beanbag."

Ha ha ha ha ha. No kidding. :)


I am a massive fan of Graham Greene's writing, but I'm intrigued why someone would list him as an "intellectual hero" ... what is it that you admire?


Marc... In fact, your fingers are fine and dandy for the blues guitar thang. On the other hand, being a blues star would take quite a bit of time away from blogging....and fishing.

Reg, I appreciate the encouragement. But the crow issue is, I think, still a fairly significant problem. So best I start beefing up my song-writing skills immediately.

Marc Cooper

Mork: Well, I make my living by writing and I find it to be a trying intellectual exercise. To be able to write like GG does, to offer the insight that he does into life, love, death, religion etc seems a rather admirable intellectual accomplishment.

jim hitchcock

Thanks for the link, Marc...I'd read it before, and enjoyed it again. Really fascinated by the history of it, plus the way the runs of different fish over the years. Reminds me also of two long gone favorites, P.O.P. (my brother at one had the exit sign `This Way to the Big Egress'), and the Carpinteria pier.

John Moore (Useful Fools)


Orwell was writing about the USSR.


If you visit France when all the people are gone, who is going to make the wonderful food which is primary (perhaps only) useful output from that country>

cenizo in austin

Marc, on the question of whether civilization "has already reached its best point," I think it's too soon to tell. True, much art, music, literature and architecture from hundreds or even thousands of years ago puts our current efforts to shame, but biologically speaking, we are a young species. If we manage to survive another ten thousand years, we might actually get better at this business of getting along with one another, and make some good art to boot. Give it some time.

cenizo in austin

And who says "nitid" any more? Man, you are brave... Sounds better in Spanish, anyway: nítido. As in
the 2001 novel by the Venezolano (now living in Spain) Juan Carlos Méndez Guédez, "Tan nítido en el recuerdo." (Haven't read it yet; the stack of unread books grows.)

Marc Cooper

Nitido y preciso, cenizo!


I was going to refrain from my usual cranky mode on this thread, marc. But I can't stop myself.

Sinatra ? Of course. But "Come Fly With Me" ? You're skipping past a dozen or more of his greatest songs... Must be a Las Vegas thing. "Live at the Sands" and all that.

That said, there aren't many folk who'll pair Sinatra and Buddy Guy as their cultural heroes, but it speaks well of you. I can't stand people with narrow musical tastes. Never saw Sinatra live, but Buddy Guy was a staple when I lived in Chicago eons ago. That was when he still had a conk, wore a tie and you could see your reflection in the shine on his shoes. Unsurpassed. The last time I saw him, at the Fillmore a few years ago, it was a different experience. Had a couple of white kids backing him up who looked like refugees from a metal band and mostly played stuff aimed at a young, male "guitar god" audience. He was still great and god knows I'm glad to see one of the old Chess masters actually making some serious money, but I won't be back. When I left Chicago, back in the dark ages, cabbies would warn you away from the clubs where Buddy played. The last time I returned on business the upscale hotel had flyers advertising Buddy's downtown lounge in every room. I'm sure you have some of the same ambiguous feelings about what the decades have done to your shining city in the desert. Myself, I don't want to waste money in any casino that isn't run by the mob and I don't want to go to a "blues club" that's serviced by a tour bus.

Cue "September of My Years"...

Marc Cooper

Reg, there aint a thing I can disagree with. As o LV as u know I have a whole book on thatb subject. When Im there (about 6-10 times a year) I stay downtown which is my home away from home. I will go to the Strip when necessary but ottherwise avoid it-- with one exception. Across the street from the Stardust is the goo-goo stle Peppermill Coffee Shop and Lounge. The Luncge is simplt the best anywhere in the world and Im know to go thete to just sit and soak up the lavendr and pink lighting. It was featured in Scorsese's 'Casino."
Last time I saw Buddy Guy was about 12 years ago.. it was live "Blues Cruise" out of L.A. Harbor-- for 100 bucks or something you get locked up on a boat with Guy and his guys for about 4 hours// heavenly.
As to Frank.. I kinda pulled Fly Me To The Moon out of a pot of about ten songs that are my favorite. I was gonna tell the truth and say "The Lady Is A Tramp' but thought it might shock my more PC friends.


"The Lady is a Tramp" is a GREAT song. Personally, I'd put "Angel Eyes" way up there.

('Scuse me while I disappear.)

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