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Thursday, February 03, 2005



Marc, great job on the blog. One thing bothers me, though. It has nothing to do with the content or anything like that, just a pet peeve.

I would click the links you recommend more if the border of your page and the url of your page didn't stay in my browser. it makes ir more difficult to look around the recommended pages, and ruins the look of the pages.

i know it's ridulous, but i had to finally say something.

Marc Cooper

I know.. we're working on it.

Keith M

Interesting how projection works...

The Democrats constantly campaign from a position of fear...

The Republicans are going to...

steal old peoples money, lynch blacks and homos, and put women back into the kitchen...

Oh, and don't forget about black churches burning down.

But it is the Republicans who govern from fear.

And when the Democrats say there is a threat or crisis, damned if a Republican comes along right after them saying the same thing, and the Democrats look like he's grown a third eye in his forehead.

Tom Grey - Liberty Dad

Marc, you are absolutely right that the owners of the LAT are corporate -- whatever brings in the bucks is OK. But the editors, reporters, and human resource folk are almost exclusively anti-Christian, anti-Bush.

"government should be accountable to the people?"

Yes, both in being asked questions, and answering them.

When did LAT ask John Kerry about his Form 180? When did LAT run a front page story that Kerry was LYING in his 1986 Senate testimony (against Reagan), when he said his 1968 Christmas in Cambodia story, that was seared, seared into his memory?

Until LAT asks tough questions of Presidents AND Senators, of both parties, they are (mostly) correctly viewed as Dem Party hacks.

Where are the reports on black children's reading scores in Watts, over the last 40 years? Those in gov't schools AND those in Catholic/ private (voluntary) schools should be compared.

Both Bush AND all gov't agencies SHOULD be more "open" to the public -- all gov't reports should be available on the internet to anybody. All organizations who get gov't money to do research, or write reports, should have that research published and available for all.

The entire trillion dollar budget of the Federal gov't; and every state budget, and every county and city budget, should be fully listed.

We don't need press conferences (and wonderful tear jerking Clinton style apologies for Rwanda) -- we need facts. Names of gov't pork recipients -- and everybody who gets a gov't check because they filled out some form, should be signing that they agree the amount of money they get from the gov't will be publicized. There's no need for gov't secrets (OK, a few military/ tech related) in ANY social/ economic program (farm aid, airline aid, steel aid).

There should also be a gov't register of all corporations who enjoy the limited liability privelge, and their reported Gross Income, and Taxes Paid.

And then honest/ lying opinionated pundits who take the facts and make a story.

Dems should be fighting for more gov't transparency, not more press spinnings.

[And I think Michael Totten is fantastic. No accounting for taste.]


I would offer Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker as an example of a good journalist, uncomporomising but with good connections to all the dark corners of government.
Judith Miller of the NYT, among others, would be his antithesis, seriously compromised by her relationships with her sources.






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