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Friday, February 04, 2005


John Moore (Useful Fools)

UT - What a pathetic excuse for a refutation. It starts with ad hominem attacks on the authors, and cherry picks a large book to find connections to other people with ad hominem attacks. It misinterprets the science, which is not surprising since the entire piece is written from a specific leftist POV.

It is as meaningful as an Intelligent Design argument against evolution - start with your desired conclusionl, then mix up the facts in an order designed to make it look like you are actually saying something meaningful.

If this is the way your judge science, then you probably believe that the Kyoto Treaty would actually make a difference in global temperatures - because someone told you so.

You have the problem that you want science to meet your ideology, and thus you cram it into that mold, while calling folks racist. Science doesn't do that. I do not want blacks to have lower median IQ. I don't want East Asians to have a higher IQ. I don't want a stratified society and neither do the Bell curve authors. But sometimes reality bites. And there is a good probability that this is one of these cases. You may now go back to labelling everyone in sight as a racist and crypto-racist and whatever gets you going.

I'm not surprised at your lack of courage that leads you to remain anonymous. It fits. At least steve and reg, whom I find obnoxious, usually (or maybe always) use their same nom de ad hominem.

reg Other than your standard insult, I agree with you. I started posting beyond 3 when the thread seemed to have slowed down and split. I do that assuming (maybe incorrectly) that Marc is more interested in maintaining the quality and diversity of the start of the thread, when it is hot, than of the end. Right now there is a new thread, so posts here are presumably not particularly critical. This is an experiment in progress.

I would suggest that those who use gratuitous insults in every posts just might find themselves discriminated against. But then, I'm just an observer of the thread management processes.

There's a great place to throw insults: Usenet. Why don't you take your ad hominem module and save it for there.

Jay Byrd

"rac·ism (rszm) n.

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others."

By that definition, the authors of The Bell Curve and any who subscribe to its thesis are racists. The dictionary is neutral about the empirical validity of racism, but given the huge wealth of empirical evidence that race is not a biological category, and that environmental factors greatly contribute to social stratification, anyone who claims that "there is a good probability that this is one of these cases" is clearly a racist in the standard pejorative sense.

Gan Nima

THe IQ test is a measurement of how much schooling one's had more than a measure of intelligence.


"THe IQ test is a measurement of how much schooling one's had more than a measure of intelligence."

Certainly partially true on some tests such as the Wechsler and Stanford-Benet. Not the case with such tests as Raven's Progressive Matrices or the TONI (Test of Non Verbal Intelligence).

In addition to whether or not there is a measure of "schooling" there is also the consideration on which group(s) the test was standardized and normed on.

Just an added bit of information.




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