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Sunday, April 03, 2005



Terrific photos, Marc. You've got a good eye.

About the rest of the issue....this is one more example of people wanting a simple solution to a complex question. Hey, seal the borders....lock up all the bad guys (three strikes your out!)....invade Iraq.....War on drugs....Abstention works...

And the success rate is: 0

A black and white reality is so reassuring. Sometimes I wish I could live there. But I live in the real world. So do y’all. Grays abound.


Make that, "3-strikes, YOU'RE out.." Where are those proof readers when one really needs them?


rosedog, I want solutions--but, I'll take simple ones, if that's what you call them, over none. At least they're a start. Look at "solutions" offered and tried, or usually avoided, by the left. Those approaches typically leave situations worse off. You cannot ignore problems hoping that they will go away or wait until you have a perfect solution to begin the attempts to solve them.

The left had a chance to honestly adddress many difficulties under the co-presidency of the Clinton's. How did they solve these problems or head off future problems? We still have these problems because nothing was done. Politics of appeasement and avoidance was more important than doing the job. The people of this country decided the ideas of the right offered more promise, so they elected and re-elected the current administration based on that. The left just stands in the way while offering nothing of substance.

Regarding the proofing of the comments site, I, too, have had problems with the grammar and spell-checker on this page.


Report: "Minuteman project snagging 1st illegals"--AND, no one killed (I added that last part.) http://tinyurl.com/4bwxx

In fact, it was this one guy's lucky day!
"Another illegal immigrant was taken into custody Friday after strolling into a camp of the Minutemen. 'He inadvertently wandered into the hornets' nest,' Minuteman spokesman Fred Elbel told Reuters. 'But it turned out to be his lucky day,' he added. 'He was tired and dehydrated and we gave him medical attention, food and drink before handing him over to the Border Patrol.'"

Well, they could have declared him a vegetable and withheld the medical attention, food, and water--but, well...you fill in the blanks. I wonder if they let him use one of their lawn chairs to rest? Will he be so lucky when he tries it again--tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that...?

Flaming Liberal

Well, Woody, you're a real daisy, aren't you?

Co-presidency? Liberals ignore problems? The Left just stands in the way?

Do you actually think for yourself, or do you just spout the latest Limbaugh/Hannity/Coulter rhetoric? The world and its people are "grey", despite how you wish to see it, and there are no simple solutions, despite how very much you want it to be this way.

Mark A. York

We know sick humor when we hear it and it always comes from these pious venom spitters in Georgia or some place.


Woody, let me know when the right actually proposes a workable (and consistent) plan for dealing with immigration. The Bush Administration is absolutely NOT SERIOUS about tackling this problem--Bush's flirting with Vicente Fox and their cute "guest worker" program is a perfect example of this lack of seriousness. To remind you, it was under Clinton that the 1996 Immigration and Nationality Act went into effect, and I saw its effects firsthand: employers actually had the fear of God put into them since for the first time they felt there could be consequences to their hiring undocumented workers. Hence the (at that time) new policies of companies to verify social security documentation and employment authorization directly through Social Security offices. Believe me, if the Bush Administration went Pat-Buchananesque and actually took CONSISTENT steps toward reducing illegal immigration (that means BOTH border fortification and hiring control through such means as employer fines with teeth), then I could actually take your points seriously. As it stands, the right--divided, as they are, between Minutemen types and pro-cheap labor types--have put absolutely nothing on the table to address this problem. I'm no Clinton fan, but he did a hell of a lot more to attack illegal immigration than Bush has even pretended to.

Mavis Beacon

I decided to see what ideas were floated around by the various writers posted on the Brookings Institute website to try and see how the beltway Democrat think tanks are doing. Answer is not so hot. Here are the basic points I found:

·Voting should be open to immigrants here legally.
·Flatten the hierarchical structure of INS and other border-strong central control and smaller local districts will do the job better than multiple bureaucratic layers that process and filter everything.
·Bring immigration into the system by issuing identity cards.
·Build the rule of law in Mexico and pressure their government to join in border control.
·Create a border “fast lane” for those who do lots of legal trans-state business.
·Program of earned legalization: point system. Immigrants not applying for earned legalization status will not be able to get a job. Companies that hire unprocessed illegals will face stiff fines.
· In 2015, according to Mexico’s Jorge Castanada, Mexican immigration will slow way down. Expand temporary visas until that date and don’t worry so much.

I guess I don’t think any of these are terrible ideas but none of them really seems like big problem solvers either. I really can’t imagine any solution will work without a concerted effort to improve the Mexican economy. I know it’d be expensive and ripe for politicians to score points asking why the gov’t is spending money on Mexico’s citizens when there’s misery right here at home, but I think most of us can agree it’s the best long-term policy option. If the only issue is finding the cash, I’m sure John Moore would authorize a reinstatement of the estate tax.


Flame, Mark, Rich, and Mavis:
Am I lucky! The Braves moved their radio broadcasts to the same station that carries Rush Limbaugh. I won't have to change my radio all summer! I really am pressed for time, so I'll get back when I can do justice to a response.

The Lonewacko Blog

Regarding the previous post:

I visited Tombstone in 2003 and I spoke with Simcox. I also watched the residents of Tombstone put up their Christmas tree lights, and, gosh, everyone seemed to get along OK with Simcox. Maybe Cooper's radar just focused in on those who didn't like him.

Also, the MMP says many of their volunteers are not white. Maybe Cooper's right, but I'd tend to trust the MMP a bit more.

Also, the mayor's name is "Borane" not "Borne". He also received the Ohtli Award from the Mexican government a few years back, so he might be a bit biased.

The MMP has been a success: the Mexican government is telling their citizens to cross at other areas.

It's certainly interesting how liberals like Cooper end up supporting the Bush administration's and big corporation's desire for low-wage, expendable labor of the wishes of the great majority of Americans.

The Lonewacko Blog

Let me rework that last paragraph: "It's certainly interesting how liberals like Cooper end up supporting the desire of the Bush administration and big corporations for low-wage, expendable labor over the wishes of the great majority of Americans."

There's an interesting article on the policies that Cooper ends up supporting here: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles.php?article_id=4386

See also my four "Irony on the Border" posts:

jim hitchcock

Woody, if there were any justice in the world, they'd make Limbaugh
the play by play man...


Jim, as I remember, Rush Limbaugh worked with the Royals for a while, and we remember his broadcast experience on the NFL. He would be in a no-win situation. What would they say if Limbaugh made the outrageous suggestion that Barry Bonds used steroids?

To some of the others above, I promised to get back with thoughtful answers, but honestly this isn't the time of the year for a CPA to be spending his time commenting rather than doing tax returns. Therefore, excuse my omission. To make up in a fashion for this, I have attached the following link for free tickets!

Win Tickets to See Karl Rove!

Mark A. York

"The left had a chance to honestly adddress many difficulties under the co-presidency of the Clinton's."

Anytime I see this sort of disconnect from reality into soft ad hominem I just toss out the rest as similar private delusion.

" Volunteers who have converged on the Mexican border to watch for illegal immigrants are disrupting U.S. Border Patrol operations by unwittingly tripping sensors that alert agents to possible intruders, an agency spokesman complained Monday.


''Every sensor has to be addressed,'' Maheda said. ''It's taken away from our normal operations.'' "


Tom Grey - Liberty Dad

Immigration is a tough problem -- giving "aid" to increase the power of corrupt gov't officials in Mexico is stupid.

(Giving massive numbers of low interest home mortgage loans might not be.) Reducing the incentive to come to the US is the right idea. I hope to have more, later.

invade Iraq.....War on drugs....Abstention works...

Most of the Left has a really silly Unreal Perfection standard.
Abstention, Being Faithful, and Condoms DOES work, BETTER, than anything else. (See Uganda's fight against AIDs)

While I support legalizing (and regulating and taxing) drugs, it's clear that legalization won't "work" to reduce drug use, either -- though perhaps over time it might. I'm pretty sure murders and corruption go down, with drug use going up. My wife doesn't like that tradeoff enough.

Invading Iraq -- ha! More Americans were killed in the Terrorism War in the 2 years before the invasion than in the two years since. What is your standard for working?

Oh, I forgot. A Leftist. When asked about standards, intellectual honesty, or comparing two policies, the Leftist hurls insults!

Tom Grey - Liberty Dad

Forgot ... It was predictable that any attempt at a right wing solution brings on calls that the problem is too complex for simple solutions.

Wrong. The complexity is the unwillingness to stop the profit from those who find it profitable, namely the poor workers (first), and the employers (second), and those who buy lower priced goods. In ohter words, just about everybody.

Who pays, how much? It's not that complex ... but being honest about the costs doesn't seem like a big winner, politically.

green dem

"As the debate about Social Security heats up, the estimated 7 million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year.

While it has been evident for years that illegal immigrants pay a variety of taxes, the extent of their contributions to Social Security is striking: the money added up to about 10 percent of last year's surplus -- the difference between what the system currently receives in payroll taxes and what it doles out in pension benefits."


The Lonewacko Blog

See you and raise you:
"Illegal immigration costs the taxpayers of California - which has the highest number of illegal aliens nationwide - $10.5 billion a year for education, health care and incarceration, according to a study released yesterday..."

However, President Bush supports social security for illegal aliens ( http://lonewacko.com/blog/archives/002700.html ), so it must be OK.

And, since I can practically hear the chants about cheap lettuce off in the distance, see this:
"The removal of illegal workers from the seasonal agricultural workforce would increase the summer-fall supermarket prices of fresh fruits and vegetables by about 6 percent in the short run and 3 percent in the intermediate term. During the winter-spring seasons, prices would rise more than 3 percent in the short term and less then 2 percent in the intermediate term. Imports would increase about 1 percent..."

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