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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Jim Rockford

Marc -- Carroll has been bad IMHO on local coverage, Pulitzer's notwithstanding.

No coverage at all despite Antonio Villaraigosa giving a KNBC interview on the two men arrested with Al Qaeda ties and possible scouting of various terrorist targets, including LAX, synagoges and other high profile areas. This is shameful.

No coverage of the woman shot by a gang member by mistake as he was shooting at another gang member. Woman was in her sixties and waiting for a bus.

Biased coverage of the LA 8. No mention at all of the terrorist activities of the PFLP which the LA 8 raised money for.

Sticking politics into movie reviews, instead of just giving us the straight info on the movie.

Despite this, the Business Section of the Times is outstanding, with some of the best reporting around and better than the WSJ in some cases in exploring Hollywood, and the economics. Outstanding series on the Port of LA/Long Beach. Great coverage of Downtown development issues. I just hope the Business Section remains unchanged.

Jay Byrd

> Sticking politics into movie reviews, instead of just giving us the straight info on the movie.

The straight info on a movie would be an IMDB listing, and a synopsis of the plot below the fold. Reviews are opinion pieces, and come with the author's POV. Straitjacketing the author would be bad journalism.

Virgil Johnson

Unfortunately I read this as a threat, that no matter how many awards one may have, the bottom line is almighty. The corporate strangle hold on media marchs on - choose to ignore it and soon it will become like the academic landscape, no longevity with principles - just the almighty dollar without any hint of conscience.

Jim, get off your "liberal media bias" horsey - it's really a dumb position, and it's getting really old. "Liberal Media Bias" equals media in a straight jacket to the powers that be - it means no investigative reporting nor responsibility to give the people amy truth. Really, it just takes a little common sense to see this.

Michael Turmon

About the fact that only media hounds are aware of this departure -- I think they are the ones who can make reasonable predictions about what the consequences will be for the LAT and beyond. Maybe a few people, months down the line, will wonder why most of the Washington reporting comes from wire services.

Jim Rockford

Virgil -- what on earth would James Dobson have to do with the Wedding Crashers? A review on the movie should focus on oh I dunno, the MOVIE. I don't want or need political commentary in a movie review, just what the reviewer thought of the movie. Was it entertaining? Thoughtful? Well made? Well directed, shot, written and acted?

That's liberal bias and it's as bad as conservative bias. Liberal bias means all Palestians are poor oppressed third world heroes, and so suppressing information readers need about the PFLP to make informed judgements. LAT profile on the LA 8 made no mention at all of the many terrorist attacks of the PFLP. Including Entebbe. When a search on Google that takes five minutes gives you this info, Liberal Bias is a serious problem.

I'll give you a concrete example of Liberal Bias suppressing information to news consumers (instead of telling truth to power, it's spewing out party line propaganda, and it's the flipside to the loathesome Kill Bill O'Reilly or Ann "there's a Commie under my bed" Coulter (who is in love yech with McCarthyism).

Lawrence J. Silberman, former Asst. Attorney General under Nixon/Ford, wrote of his experience reading the secret blackmail files of J Edgar Hoover in the WSJ yesterday. This was after the WaPo story on the files (which were ironically in plain sight in Hoover's office). He spent three weekends reading them, found them disgusting. He was shocked that the Church committee focused on the CIA who's transgressions he said were much less than the FBI's.

The other big bombshells:

1. All Presidents except Truman and Eisenhower used Hoover as their personal blackmail squad.

2. Bill Moyers that liberal icon asked Hoover to find gays in Goldwaters' 1964 campaign. When Silberman contacted Moyers he first denied it then admitted it.

THAT is a major story, and to my knowledge the liberal media has not covered it to protect their own, out of an ideological agenda. It's as bad as O'Reilly's non-coverage of things that make Bush look bad (such as the economy, for example).

LAT has consistently peddled a liberal, westside worldview (crime is not a problem, let's not report it, terrorism is a myth, same). When Antonio Villaraigosa gives KNBC an interview saying that a possible terror threat plot concerns him, and it doesn't make the Times, only liberal bias can provide the answer for the non-coverage.

I'd say the Mayor of LA making that statement is news. LAT non-coverage is shameful.

Mavis Beacon

I'm really loathe to respond to the Rockford ravings, but sometimes brick walls just call out to me. Liberal bias, believe or not, is not a snarky remark about James Dobson. James Dobson happens to be a cultural figure known for his puritanical views and his outspoken opposition to all things Hollywood. If you are offended by an off-hand snipe at James Dobson perhaps you need to take a deep breath and try and imagine that not everybody is advancing a rabidly partisan agenda at all moments. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. If I can make fun of Ted Kennedy and Michael More, I should hope you can swallow a James Dobson joke with your Wheaties.


Re Moyers/Hoover/gays: "It's as bad as O'Reilly's non-coverage of things that make Bush look bad (such as the economy, for example)."

I guess it would be if it wasn't a thirty-year old anecdote about a forty-year old incident.

Marc Cooper

Rockford: No... I dont think the LAT has "consistently" peddled a liberal world view. Until sometime in the early 60's the logo of the LAT used to carry this subtitle "Voice of the Southern California Republican Party." Perhaps you could take a time out to EXPLAIN to us why u think all those old white Republian men who dominate the Tribune Company would want to fund such an unabashedly liberal rag?

Jay Byrd

There's a good piece in the Daily Howler about what the so-called liberal media has wrought:


"Back in 1999, no one at the Washington Post said it was “admirable” that Gore had worked some long, hard summers on a farm in Tennessee. And no one stood up and spoke back to Kelly, although everyone—surely including Dionne—knew that his piece was pure bullshit. How did they know this? We ourselves conducted a three-day exchange with Kelly that April, in the pages of the Hotline. And the Post was good enough to publish a letter in which we quoted Kelly’s previous work about Gore—work in which he explicitly described the chores which somehow became a “delusion” when the press corps got mad at Bill Clinton. Everyone—everyone—knew Kelly was lying. But no one stood up and explained what was happening as Gore was trashed for being “delusional” in the bald-faced start to the twenty-month war which eventually put George Bush in the White House."

Somerby always tells it like it is. (He particularly deserves kudos for taking folks like Marcos and John Marshall to task for lionizing Joe Wilson -- for which he gets nasty emails from the dailykossacks, while at the same time not playing the Bush league game of claiming that Wilson's antics absolve Rove.)

Jay Byrd

Oops -- Josh Marshall.

richard lo cicero

Ah the LA Times. Once considered the worst big city daily in America. Then, Otis Chandler, a challenger to the POST and NYT. Then, when the reactionaries in the family wanted more dough a decline and sale to the Trib people. I stopped reading. That would have been unthinkable in the seventies. But that was then in another country. . .

richard lo cicero

Marc, one more thing. After the "Dark Alliance" Freeway Ricky about face could anyone take it seriously again?



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