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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Marc Cooper

From the Internet Cafe off the Via Veneto: Thanks rosedog for a fabulous stint. You almost got the job full time. After spending yesterday in Museei Vaticani I tried to defect to the Vatican State. But negotiations stalled when the Ratzinger family didnt agree to give me as many points as i requested in the Immobilaria.

eh, va bene... coming back tomorrow then.

the only subject we should be debating now is the launch date of Rosedog.Com .


you did a great job rosedog -- thanks! and i think vacationing even from blogs is a good idea from time to time.

this piece from http://www.nathannewman.org/log/archives/003258.shtml caught my eye and sounds like some of the issues Marc, others have discussed here:


"Congratulations to Paul Hackett and folks at Swing State Project, MYDD, Kos and Atrios for making the race in the Ohio 2 special election a squeaker in a district that is usually a run-away GOP bastion.  Everyone did an awesome job in delivering a black eye to the GOP politicos.

But it still strikes me that progressives are still depending too much on scandal among GOP opponents (not that the Ohio Republicans aren't a target-rich environment in that regard) and hard tactical mobilization of supporters for victory.  I'm especially all for the latter, but Hackett's campaign was still far longer on criticism of Bush than on solutions.

Of course Hackett was campaigning in a conservative district, but if you look at his website, his policies and analysis are still rather vague.   He makes a few nods to the problem of outsourcing without really proposing anything to deal with it.  The closest he comes to a solid economic proposal is when he says, "government funding for scientific research is declining for the first time in years. So while big business is enjoying bigger and bigger tax breaks, we’re stunting the growth of American innovation."  Even moderate Dems have lots of hay to make in arguing that Bush's policies have starved technology investments in favor of economically useless tax breaks for big corporations.  But that's one line in a relatively  weak message on how Democrats will deliver decent jobs and benefits for working families.

I'm definitely not picking on Hackett here in particular, since the problem is endemic.  Yes, we need to fight for progressive political victories in every district across the country, but we also need a strong message for those candidates to run under.   That's the next big challenge for progressive activists-- both identifying the most compelling message and supporting it through the same sort of focus with which we've attacked GOP policies."

graph 2 is of course the main point ... and I've forgotten where I read recently another column/critique about dems being overfocused/overreliant on big-donor fundraising ... still totally true.

question is, does anyone know or have a sense as to whether the dems are actually working on building an effective coherent core message complete with plans, concrete strategies, measurable goals ... or will the party continue to piss in the wind?


re: where I read about dems over-relying on big donors ... NOW i remember:

How the Left Can Win By Ruth Conniff

You can read about that agreed-upon- (by critics of the left and by many within the left) criticism here:

I have mixed thoughts upon reading the article and don't think Coniff gets it completely right (lots missing, it's really a quick snapshot of the “Take Back America” conference) but there are some CORE truths in her column:

"...here’s the most important fact: Despite all this bad news for the Republicans, the same pollsters found that the Democrats have made no gains with the public as a result. The Democratic Party has yet to offer a clear alternative."

...."People whose interests are ill served by the current Administration — military families who are losing loved ones in a deceitful and poorly planned war, the elderly who are worried about losing their Social Security checks, working people who are fast losing the ability to pay for college or see their kids achieve a better standard of living — are desperate for an alternative to the lying, corrupt, crony-capitalist government of George W. Bush."

Coniff concludes: "At the “Take Back America” conference .... you could see a blueprint for offering just such an alternative gaining form."

Hmmm — really? Again, can the dems effectively translate the awful truth into a coherent message, PLAN, etc? Coniff's rosy conclusion does not convince me but her 'reading' of what's happening to those most affected by the harsh realities of Bush II.2 is accurate.

more will be revealed ....

Brad and Jennifer?


Cooper's been gone? Amazing. For the past week, thought he was signing off, "XO: Rosedog" to prove the existence of his sentimental side.

jim hitchcock

"But negotiations stalled when the Ratzinger family didnt agree to give me as many points as i requested in the Immobilaria."

Not the whole story, of course. It's said the the Pope was a bit put off by continually being adressed as Ratso Rizzo.

Lost forever is the chance to see Marc dressed out in long silk robes.

Rosedog, I think you did a great job, and enjoyed the topics you covered. Hope Marc lets you guest star more often.


Rosedog...thanks very much for this...I don't have any time to think or write now, but I'll post an idea tomorrow on what might be a useful discussion.

Jim Rockford

Interesting, sorry Rose did not know Marc was on hiatus.

Good job on the topic.

I would like to see though the Jerry Dunphy column about the LAPD and Bratton posted, will Bratton cave politically and will we see the same dynamic as the NYPD post Diallo, and the Puerto Rican Day Parade?

Can Villaraigosa as a former ACLU head tackle crime or will the wave of murders in Compton swamp neighboring South LA?

Can the Dems compete on a grass-roots level if they are stuck in "anti-white guy" mode? Are they just stuck culturally in permanent minority status? Can Dems ever be populist or is that just not possible anymore?

Howard Dean, how effective a Party leader? Has he stated the problem effectively (my view, yes)? Does he have solutions and strategies to address the problem (my view, no)? Do other Party leaders understand the problem and the solution?


Rosedog - as an avid reader of this blog - Brava! Job well done!

Randy Paul


Un lavoro fatto bene! La saluto!




gamekeeper is right. I enjoyed your posts, rosedog!

Abbas-Ali Abadani

I second Marc's suggestion.

If not rosedog.com, then certainly rosedog.blogspot.com or rosedog.typepad.com is in order.

Richard Waterman

It would have been nice if you had mugged with the Catch of the Day at least once. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing, is as important to those of us tuning in from bait shops around the globe.

richard lo cicero

This may not count as a topic but I would like to see an appreciation of David Shaw who died this week. I did not agree with everything he wrote but I found him an informed and erudite critic of the media. Now that he is gone and Howard Rosenberg no longer writes about TV our local media beat is that much more impoverished.

Jay Byrd

Great job, rosedog, especially in temporarily bringing certain positive qualities to this blog.

As for what you didn't blog about, here's one:


"This summer, with the public preoccupied over whether Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, Congress passed an energy bill with $14.5 billion in tax breaks, most of which will flow to companies like Exxon, which last year made about $25 billion in after-tax profits, enough to float a small country."


THANKS TO EVERYONE for the exceedingly over kind comments. (and Rockford if you didn’t realize Marc was gone, I’m re-e-eally flattered). But, nope, I can't imagine a rosedog blog---even in the extremely doubtful event I could find an audience for such a thing---because, if there’s one thing this week has taught me---it’s how HARD blogging is to do well on a daily basis---at least if one has any attachment to sleep and/or gainful non-blogging employment. Thus I am even more impressed than before by the fact that Marc manages to keep such a dynamic blog going week in and week out, (in addition to his LA Weekly column, his radio show, his stuff for the Atlantic Monthly and his work with the USC Annenberg Institute for Justice and journalism…..and, more importantly, his fishing and gambling!) Marc, I bow humbly. No kidding.

Nonetheless, it was lots of fun to play at it a week. Thanks to Marc for letting me do it. And again, I thank the rest of you for playing along with me.


IN TERMS OF SUBJECTS…..I agree a sober discussion of Dean as party chair would be worthwhile. And certainly discussions of the Dems lack of message, or more accurately, a discussion of what their message ought to be. I suspect Marc will continue to bring up variations on this theme in the months to come.

Rockford….thanks for all the good suggestions. Regarding the LA police issues, while I LOVE all that stuff, and would have happily blogged about it ‘till the cows came home, it would probably have bored nearly everyone but you and me. In answer to the AV question: I don’t think Villaraigosa can solve LA's crime problems himself. It isn’t within a mayor’s purvue. But I think he’s shown convincing evidence that he’s going to be a strong public safety mayor, and will work to give the LAPD the support it needs, so the department can get a better handle on things. (For example, Villaraigosa just showed up at the latest COMPSTAT meeting for South bureau, and promised to come to more. When I asked, Bratton told me that he never---or hardly ever---remembers Hahn coming.) At the same time, AV is showing facility for reassuring the inner city communities that he hears their concerns as well, when they run counter to those of the police.

(BTW, Which Jack Dunphy column? The one on Bratton and Suzie Pena, the little girl who was killed by the SWAT guys? If so, I actually wrote some about thing about it for the Weekly that might address a bit of the issue. Here are the links: The second article is the more comprehensive of the two with regard to the LAPD.



RLC...David Shaw….good idea. I thought about it, but didn’t do it. Should have. Here are some worthwhile links. A talented and honorable man.



Jay Byrd...Dear God, yes, we should all be talking about this energy bill. I'll go read your link right now.

In the spirit of reciprocity, here are THE SUBJECTS I DIDN'T BLOG ABOUT BUT NEARLY DID… …. I toyed with some Hiroshima anniversary posts. For instance, I found some great stuff on the nasty investigating the FBI was doing of Einstein, post Hiroshima....which easily linked back to issues today. And if you haven’t listened to this NPR account of the guy who was the only journalist to have snuck into Nagasaki right after the bomb, whose writing was subsequently snatched by US Military, and only came to light this year when his son found the carbon copies in a trunk, 60 years after the fact….go listen here. It’s a great story.


I wrote a whole thing, then tossed it, about the coming bird flu pandemic…and the money NOT being spent to prevent it.



Last week’s cover of the NY Times book review on the death of media as we know it seemed like fertile ground.



And there was a brief and shinning moment when I contemplated boring y’all with a long, impassioned treatise on America’s faulty gang policy, and the two gang bills that will be coming down the Congressional pike after the summer recess. (Fortunately I came to my senses. But it was close.)

And then, of course, there was the temptation to have one more go at Judy Miller, or to talk about Bush’s statement about teaching intelligent design in schools. On the latter subject, I offer the following link. (If you haven’t seen it, don't miss it.)


So, see how lucky you were? It could have been far, far worse.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


Marc... Welcome back!

Tom Grey

Been too busy to comment here, but you did fine Rosedog. You should start your own blog anyway, and not expect top 100 in the first month.

Nobody mentions looking at Rep talking points, like Air America gobbling money ment for poor black kids? No facts about that?

On Hiroshima, what was the alternative? LOTS more death.
What IS the Dem alternative to the Bush policy in Iraq? (Bush Lite & Better, not bitter?) Bush policy in Sudan? (declare war w/o UN? ha!) Bush policy in Iran or N. Korea?

Dems complain deficits, what programs are they willing to cut? No cuts; um, that means tax hikes. Punish the rich, discourage them from investing ... in new American jobs. Hmm...

What about David Kennedy's call to re-instate slavery, er, involuntary servitude -- the draft? It was always a Leftist desire...

Glad Marc had some time off; hope he feels welcome coming back.

richard lo cicero

This is not a topic but a heads up. Go to DAILY KOS and learn about Eric Massa. He is a 24 year navy veteran and ex-Republican who is now running for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the NY 29th. Read his statement about why he left the GOP. I think he is another Paul Hackett with a great chance of winning a seat from the Repubs. I think we are now seeing the roots bring forth quality candidates and that is all to Dr Dean's credit and the roots and no credit to the DC kool kids.


Good tip. Here's the direct link.



The heart of Eric Massa's platform: providing health care for all Americans, fighting to represent working families, and defending Social Security--wow, so it's going to take former Republicans to remind the Democrat Party of its true goals (and strengths)? Are you listening, DLC? We truly are in strange times. Thanks for the link, richard/rosedog. Inspiring and encouraging stuff.


"Air America gobbling money ment for poor black kids? "

What the fuck ????

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